Thursday, 17 July 2014

A new adventure - images

Over the years I have travelled significantly within Australia and around the world.  Here I will display and explain some of my favourite landscape and nature photos.  My aim will be a post a week, but if it doesn't happen then that's OK - I might be away taking more photos.

My very first is a combination photo - Australian wildlife and landscape...

It was just before Christmas and I had been camping with my wife and some friends.  I decided to take the long way home in the 4WD to do some fishing and stay overnight.  After finding a great little campsite, and having an unsuccessful go at fishing I retired to my swag.

The next morning I woke at about sunrise and I could hear the distinctive sound of emus.  Given that it was what I like to think of as the golden hour I grabbed my camera to have a look.  I'm glad I did.  The pic above shows the families of emus and kangaroos moving around in the early morning sunlight.

I really like the colouring in the picture and the unique Australian wildlife in it.

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